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Emilyia Caityn Tuls.
19 years young& 5 feet small.I live for pop punk& indie folk. I love city lights and french culture. If I could I would live on a boat. I read a lot of classic playbooks and poetry. I have a mega cute boyfriend that inspires me to have the world at my fingertips. I'm not too sure who I am yet, but my future looks bright.
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"Don't throw yourself out on another's whim, people change, as do intentions. As a result- Consequences. Live for yourself, Love those around you, but realize... They've got their own agenda's" - AWG <3
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spelling bee administrator: your word is delicious
me: D to the E to the L I C I O U S to the D to the E to the to the to the
spelling bee administrator: hit it fergie

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So if a teenager is at school for roughly 8 hours, and they are doing homework for 6+ hours, and they need AT LEAST 9 HOURS OF SLEEP FOR THEIR DEVELOPING BRAINS, then they may have 0-1 hours for other activities like eating, bathing, exercise, socializing (which is actually incredibly important for emotional, mental, and physical health, as well as the development of skills vital to their future career and having healthy romantic relationships among other things), religious activities, hobbies, extra curriculars, medical care of any kind, chores (also a skill/habit development thing and required by many parents), relaxation, and family time?  Not to mention that your parents may or may not pressure you to get a job, or you might need to get one for economic reasons.

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"…but teenagers have no reason to be stressed."

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idk why police officers being monitored to make sure they’re performing their duties ethically and within legal parameters is such a controversial topic because if I recall they’re a fan of using the whole “if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear” shtick to justify harassing civilians it’s almost like they’re full of bullshit

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The Breakfast Club

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no emoji in the world can replace the depth of :/

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I hope we all find that person



who looks at us


the way Kristen Bell


looks at sloths.

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Girls get mocked for liking high heels and lipstick. Girls get mocked for liking sports. Girls get mocked for liking tea and books. Girls get mocked for liking comics books and video games. Girls get mocked for liking math and science. Girls get mocked for liking boys. Girls get mocked for liking girls. Girls get mocked for liking both. What the fuck are we supposed to like? Water? Air? Come on, tell me. I’m dying to know. 

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35. Bulbasaur Flowerpot (Succulent Monsters)

x7r found them! :) you can buy these from here or there is a 3D print version

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